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HR Minds | Thriving in a Disrupted World SLIDE PACK


The August 2018 Seminar presented by Yolanda Beattie of Mercer was a well attended event with delegates eager for more information.  All delegates who registered are given access to the HRMinds_Thriving in an Age of Disruption and the Mercer_Thrive_POV

HR Minds Votes to Broaden the Membership Criteria


HR Minds, the membership organisation for those with HR management responsibility in the legal sector, announces new and broader membership criteria and access to a wider range of benefits. The changes give members increased insight and perspective for their professional growth and career development and help keep their skills, expertise and market insights current and relevant.

Nick Grant, President of HR Minds comments “As the voice for Human Resources in the legal sector we continue to grow and represent the views of our membership who want to be able to draw on a range of different topics and insights into best practice. As such, the Board consulted with members and reviewed feedback before voting to broaden the membership criteria to include professionals outside traditional HR roles who also have some responsibility of HR management. We are currently rolling out our new L & D Program for the year, noting that opportunities to learn and network are increasingly important as we aim to influence performance and culture within our respective firms and our broader community”.

Automation Will Make Us Rethink What a "Job" Really Is


Written by Ravin Jesuthasan, Tracey Malcolm, and George Zarkadakis | October 12, 2016

As businesses enter the unchartered waters of machine intelligence - where machines learn by experience and improve their performance over time - researchers are trying to predict its impact on jobs and work.  Optimists suggest that by .... (read the full article here) “Automation+Will+Make+Us+Rethink+What+a+“Job”+Really+Is (1)”  

The 3 Ways Work can be Automated


by George Zarkadakis, Ravin Jesuthasan, and Tracey Malcolm | October 13, 2016

We are at an interesting tipping point regarding how and where work gets done. As business leaders and managers, we have become increasingly capable of engaging a workforce that is some combination of ... (read the full article here)

Seminar Recordings - NOW AVAILABLE


HRMinds Members are now able to access recordings of lunchtime seminars. Performance Management (April Seminar) and Domestic & Family Violence | A Workplace Issue (April) are now available to members upon login.

Why are there more women than ever leading in-house legal teams? Flexible work


Women's AGENDA 8 MAY 2015 "Women lawyers are making significant strides in the in-house legal world, according to new research by the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association and the Corporate Lawyers Association of New Zealand."  Full article can be viewed here

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