Types of Membership

Categories of membership


Single membership

Firm (four or 8)

Four or 8 memberships - memberships must be nominally assigned to a representative however, membership can be interchanged on a state basis to allow for a larger number of team members to benefit from participation (this interchange would be processed at the time of registration for an event whereby the registered member would nominate an alternate attendee i.e. RSVP on another’s behalf).


Discounted individual membership for the duration of their service on the committee.

Cost of membership ( all prices in AUD )

Period Costs Firm (4)

Firm (8)
Individual Committee Member
Jul - Dec
Full Membership Cost $1257 + GST  $2448 + GST
$331 + GST $173 + GST
Jan - Jun
50 % of Membership $628 + GST  $1224 + GST
$165 + GST $87 + GST