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About Us

Our association is committed to meeting the needs of our members involved in the HR profession of legal professional services.

Benefits of Membership

We provide a common meeting ground for HR Professionals in the legal sector via networking opportunities, regular professional development workshops and the opportunity to participate in special interest committees.

Membership Criteria

To be eligible for membership, applicants must be currently working in roles within the Asia Pacific legal industry that are ‘pure’ Human Resources. This includes specialist roles such as Learning & Development, Remuneration & Benefits, Recruitment and Resourcing..



Upcoming Events

Empowering Conversations for HR Leaders | MEL
Date: 23-Oct-2018
Venue: Holding Redlich Level 8, 555 Bourke Street
Time: 12:30pm to 2:00pm

As HR professionals you have responsibility for promoting good leadership and a mutually respectful work culture. This often requires masterful influencing upwards and can bring its own stress.

Almost any interaction has the potential to enhance or diminish your authentic power and confidence—and that of others. Dr Alicia Fortinberry, a globally recognised speaker, author and advisor, offers a practical toolkit based on the latest science of human behaviour to ensure that you maximise your influence and authority in any situation. Her science-based concepts and tips will also help you build a safe and mutually supportive work environment that enables resilience, learning and performance.

You will learn:

• tips and tools for projecting your authentic, personal power in any situation
• how to maintain your boundaries while building credibility
• relationship skills that build trust, collaboration and safety
• how to build genuine, durable confidence in yourself and others
• tips for building an innovative, engaged and mutually supportive culture

Our Presenter

Our Presenters

Panel Member: Dr Alicia Fortinberry Dr Alicia Fortinberry
Fortinberry Murray
Dr Alicia (PhD Org Psych) applies award-winning thought leadership, based on the new science of being human, to the challenges facing today’s global organisations. Drawing on the latest science of human motivation and change, she enables organisations to shape strategy and be far more effective by aligning processes to our neurobiology and genetics. Alicia has gained global recognition for her powerful, lasting impact on organisations and leaders. In addition to her work as a consultant, facilitator and high-level executive coach, she is a best-selling author and keynote speaker.

Presented in simple, practical and engaging terms, this new approach is transforming how organisations understand individual motivation and the capacity to change and innovate. Focusing on what is innately human, Alicia translates the most recent research into very practical and relevant concepts and skills that can be used immediately to enhance leadership and effectiveness for outstanding client engagement.

Panel Member:

Panel Member:

Panel Member:

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Why Leaders need to be Coaches | MEL
Date: 20-Nov-2018
Venue: K&L Gates Level 25, 525 Collins Street
Time: 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Join us as we explore current workplace trends that show how a coaching approach to leadership is still the best way to develop high performing teams of the future. With organisations facing increasing complexity and rapid change, it’s a pivotal time for leaders to use coaching as an effective tool to develop talent. How do you create a culture of leadership coaching and how do you turn around the mindset of leaders in a way that makes coaching a natural part of their leadership toolkit?

In this session, we will discuss:
• The essentials for building fundamental coaching skills for peak organisational performance
• How leaders can get better at coaching so we can build performance in the face of rapid change in the world of business
• What we can learn from neuroscience to build trusting relationships and empower employees
• How leaders can develop a Growth Mindset through coaching to enable business performance through people performance

Our Presenter

Our Presenters

Panel Member: Ban Weston Ban Weston
Managing Director
wm consulting
Ban Weston, Masters (Psych)
Managing Director: wm consulting

Ban is a delivery-focused senior management consultant with strong communication skills and extensive experience in leadership, coaching and organisational development.

Before establishing her own management consultancy practice in 2005, Ban held a number of senior roles including:
Head of Organisational Development for AAPT (Telecom New Zealand)
Head of Human Resources for Consumer & Sales, AAPT
General Manager Organisational Development, Optus
Head of Organisational Development, Accenture

Ban has published a number of internationally recognised articles in the areas of leadership and change. Perhaps most importantly she brings passion, commitment and dedication to simultaneously enhancing organisational success and the working lives of all.

Panel Member:

Panel Member:

Panel Member:

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